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All prices are per bags, unless otherwise specified. FOB CA 90241

Pricing does not include artwork or plate charges. Different bag styles and size do not combine for overall quantity pricing. Door-knob and Litter bags 1 side printing only.

*All prices are subject to change without notice.


A fee of 25% extra (minimum $100, maximum $300)


Net 30 days (on approved credit)


All printing by Flexographic Process.


Prices quoted are for up to 50% ink coverage. For over 50% coverage;please call for a quote.


500 - 10M over and under up to 20%

10M - 25M over and under up to 15%

25M - 50M over and under up to 10%

50M+ over and under up to 10%


Great care will be taken to match film and ink colors specified by customers; however, slight deviations may occur. Film and ink colors may also vary slightly from previous orders within industry acceptable standards.


PLASTICS BAG: Orders can be expected to ship 3 - 4 Weeks from receipt of artwork.

PAPER BAGS: Orders can be expected to ship 4 - 6 Weeks from receipt of artwork.

SHORT RUN PROGRAM: Paper and Plastics bags will be within 7-10 working days.

Note: due to the seasonal rush towards the end of the year, an additional 1 to 2 weeks should be allowed between September and December.


F.O.B.   Downey, California 90241.  All shipments made freight collect.

Unless "Prepay and Add" is requested on purchase order. In areas where collect shipments are not permitted, shipment will be prepaid and added to your invoice.


Clear   White   Yellow   Lt. Blue   Ivory   Gray   Orange   Red   Dark   Green   Dark Blue   Brown   Black.
*Silver (Silver film is available at a cost of 10% upcharge)

Due to manufacturing tolerances, colors may vary slightly from order to order or within the same order. Not all colors available in all sizes or styles. See price sheets.



Colors listed below are imprint colors. All special inks such as metallic inks require a special up-charge. We refer to the Pantone Matching System(PMS) when matching color. Colors may very slightly within commercial tolerances.

SPECIAL IMPRINT COLORS. Imprint colors other than those listed below are available at no additional charge for quantities of 25M or more. For color matches under 25M units, there will be an upcharge of $80 per color match per order. Minimum order for special imprint colors is 5M units. Metallic inks are available at an up-charge of 15%-20% depending on the coverage of ink required.

YELLOW: Pantone Yellow, Rich Yellow #109

ORANGE: Pantone Orange #021C, Light Orange #137, Rich Orange #172

RED: Pantone Warm Red, Red #185, Pantone Rubine Red, Dark Maroon #195, Rich Red #199,

PINK: #212, Bright Pink #231, Pantone Rhodamine Red

BROWN: Rust #159, Burgundy #221, Maroon #222

PURPLE: Pantone Purple, Deep Purple #255, Lavender #265, Pantone Violet C

BLUE: Pantone Reflex Blue, Bronze Blue #274, Dark Blue #287, Sky Blue #292,Royal Blue #293, Pantone Process Blue, Light Blue/Green #312, Aqua Blue #320,

GREEN: Pantone Green, Teal Green #327 Forest Green #342, Real Green #347, Grass Green #354

GRAY: Cool Gray #429, Dark Gray #432


METALLIC*: Metallic Gold #873, Metallic Silver #877

*Available at 20% up-charge


INK COLOR CHANGE: $60.00 for each change within the run.

PLATE CHANGE: $122 (T) standard 8" x 8" per color, $150 (T) for 9" x 9" per color, $105 (T) for 5" x 6" per color. Over 50 % ink coverage, add 10%, and 25% for metallic ink.

PLATE/ARTWORKS: Which had been inactive for 2 years or more from the last ordered date, will be disposed of accordingly without prior notifications.


Print position will be at our discretion unless specified by customer.


For proper credits, all claims and returns must be made within 30 days of receipt of merchandise. Return will not be accepted with out the the prior notification to and authorization by Ampaco. Damaged or missing boxes must be note on the incoming freight bill by receiver.


All expenses incurred up to the time of the written cancellations will be charged to the customer.